Grenland / Bamble / Frier Vest Industriområde

Frier Vest Industrial Area

Frier Vest industrial area in Grenland offers potential for new forward-looking and sustainable industrial activities. The area is part of the Grenland metropolitan region of 115,000 inhabitants, and is just a 20-minute journey from Skien, Porsgrunn and the coastal town of Langesund.

Frier Vest is the base for the petrochemical facilities of Ineos, Noretyl and Inovyn and their industrial infrastructure. At the opposite end are the industrial operations of marine infrastructure company ØPD.

There are plans for a new harbour area with deepwater quays (15 m), together with a future link to the Grenland Line railway. In total, the area plan for Frier Vest covers approx. 4,000 decares, expanding to just under 10,000 decares in the long term. The E18 is a short drive away via Fv353. Frier Vest is also integrated with Herøya industrial park on the other side of the Frierfjord.

Frier Vest is planned as a location for high-spec industry such as bio-based industry, materials recycling and plastics production. Areas are also being set aside for a timber terminal and logistics activities requiring a lot of space.

Frier Vest’s competitive advantages include

  • Plenty of space
  • Direct access to deep-sea harbour terminals
  • Industrial infrastructure (power, steam, gases, etc.)
  • Extensive centre of industrial expertise/ industrial park

Bamble kommune

Frier Vest AS

Ineos Bamble AS


Hege Cecilie Bjørnerud
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