Grenland / Skien / Kjørbekk og Rødmyr

Kjørbekk and Rødmyr

Telemark’s largest and most central commercial and industrial area offers new plots and premises to let.

Kjørbekk and Rødmyr are well-established commercial areas with great potential for new businesses. The area is located along the main road between the twin cities of Skien and Porsgrunn, and is an important priority area for business and commerce in the Grenland region’s overall area and transport plan.

Kjørbekk is mainly suited to large retail units and businesses requiring an area of more than 1,500 m2. More than 150 companies are represented at Kjørbekk, including large chain stores, wholesalers and retailers as well as manufacturing firms.

Rødmyr is ideal for industrial companies and commercial enterprises selling goods that take up a lot of space, for example cars, boats and construction materials, etc.

The Kjørbekk and Rødmyr interest organisation, KRIO, brings together the companies based here and undertakes business development activities for the entire area.

Infrastructure /public transport:
Centrally located in the Grenland metropolitan belt

Good parking

Good bus service

15-minute drive to the E18

Road links to all parts of Telemark and the E134 to Western Norway.

Large development areas:
Kjørbekk and Rødmyr have several large sites available and premises to let.

Rødmyr Vest in full swing. 34 plots of 90 decares were made ready for development in 2017, sufficient to meet the needs of new businesses for the next five-year period. Several areas have been set aside for further growth in a longer-term perspective.


Monika Lønnebakke
Tlf. + 47 480 50 316



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