Hardanger / Ullensvang / Odda Sentrum

Odda Center

Odda is a hub and regional center in Hardanger. One of it's features is great connections to Bergen and Haugalandet. East/West is E134 the shortest and subsequent best transport option.

Odda center is a compact village, consisting mainly of Brotateigen, Almerket, Gågata, Smelteverket and Bakka. In the center one is bound to discover a breathing general commercial activity consisting of commerce, offices, restaurants/cafes, accommodation, small and medium-sized craft businesses and public service.



Almerket is located in the middle of Odda center, close to the fjord. Herein there is parking, parks and recreation, commerce, public transit options, camping, a church, food serving, 36 brand new apartments, a deepwater harbor and undeveloped areas. Detailed regulation for Almerket is expected to be finalized by spring 2017.

Smelteverket is, as the name would suggest, the natural evolution of the business operation formerly known as Odda Smelteverk. Today the area makes up 50% of Odda center and is home to multiple established companies, including a commercial garden, accounting, electronics, archiving, smith, cafe, literature center, a high school, etc. Smelteverket has several grand cultural buildings protected by government decision, and large areas still undeveloped. The borough is architecturally inspired by early 20th century industry. Beautiful brick buildings and rough, unique concrete buildings characterizes the landscape. Smelteverket has a recent regulation plan adopted in 2016.

Gågata, the village's main pedestrian street, is considered the heart of Odda. Here one will find shops selling all kinds of clothing, shoes, sporting accessories, tools, furniture, flowers, jewelry, perfumes, electronics, games, food serving, banking service, barbershops, skin care, craftsmanship, souvenirs, gallery, etc. Gågata appears well maintained and the commerce union Odda By entertains it's own plan for further development.

Brotateigen is Odda's oldest borough. In this location one will find businesses like Jernia, Fargerike, VVS, educational facilities, accounting, tourist information, hotels, etc.

Bakka, public services, town hall, library, health services, dental care, school, pensioners home, etc.

Our village is in transformation. Odda is a fine, unique and compact little city in Hardanger offering great variation in architecture/agriculture in all respective boroughs.

Welcome to Odda.



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