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Raglamyr South

Raglamyr is located in the middle of the region with a predicted explosive population growth which makes it a natural meeting place for commerce and business.

Raglamyr South will become a significant extension of the commercial area Raglamyr. Raglamyr has long been the largest commercial area in the region and with the expansion in the south, the area will eventually merge to become one with Norheim. This will lead to a complimented and attractive commercial area with a large customer base. FV 47 between Norheim and Raglamyr wil make an efficient road network connecting Karmøy and Norheim closer to Raglamyr. The road connects to the roads towards Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo, and therefor will be an important transport route passing right through Raglamyr South.

The retail report of 2010 from Sparebanken Vest shows that Raglamyr is the commercial area in Haugalandet with the highest turnover, that will continue to grow in the coming years, based on average historic growth.

The area use is mainly for offices, storage and retail with area demanding goods.

The current plan is to not sell fixed area sizes, but rather to let the buyers decide for themselves how big of an area they wish to buy.


Inger Kallevik Haavik

+47 404 05 091



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