Haugesundsregionen / Sveio / Mølstrevåg næringsområde

Mølstrevåg Commercial Area

Mølstrevåg is a well established commercial area with a port facility. The total processed area measures 75,000 m2. The total commercial area is 350,000 m2.

The area that can be developed is privately owned.

The commercial area is within close proximity of Ryvarden, around 20 km from Haugesund.

Ølen Betong AS is one of the country's largest providers of concrete solutions for construction, facilities and transport. In Mølstrevåg concrete is being produced for road tunnels across the country.

The factory is Sveio's largest industrial work space and Scandinavia's largest of its kind. In total, Ølen Betong in Mølstrevåg, has delivered over 600,00 m2 of tunnel elements to about 50 road- and railway tunnels in Norway. In addition to tunnel elements, the factory produces special goods like kuverler and underpasses.

The factory in Mølstrevåg has its own port that can receive ships of up to 3000 tons.


Inger Kallevik Haavik

+47 404 05 091



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