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Sveioåsen (Golf Park)

The area is located by the lively Sveio city center, which is currently experiencing a lot of growth. The number of new establishments and adjacent center areas like Albatross will be expanding at a rapid rate in the coming years. Haugalandet Golf Park is close to the area, as is Albatross Spa & Conference Center with accompanying services. Close by, you'll find FV 47 and E-39 Haukåskrysset - between Bergen and Stavanger.

The area has great potential for further development of a range of services. The municipality expect that there will be growth when Vikinglandet Utvikling AS has chosen Sveio as its primary location for the amusement park "Viking Land" with a wide spectrum of experiences like rollercoasters, a water park, shows, restaurants, stores, and resorts. It is estimated that there will be 300,00-350,000 annual visitors, and Sveio will become the world's viking capital.

Large, connected commercial areas, both private and municipal, are available from Albatross and towards the East by Bjelland and Viking Land.


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